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The name of the business game in the third millennium is profitable revenue growth, or PRG©. Perfect for strategy sessions, including leadership retreats and annual planning meetings, these one day discussions go far beyond traditional brainstorming tactics. Rather, each session is a true collaboration, maintaining a keen focus on re-imagining, re-engineering and re-positioning the company business model in the name of PRG© improvement. While not a substitute for more comprehensive Third Door offerings, Whiteboard Discussions are intended to get the client “back on track” with their PRG© initiatives, providing a plethora of valuable and strategic action items to pursue, often providing clear and proven answers to critical, long-standing PRG© questions and challenges.


This beneficial workshop is a combination of interactive, one-on-one classroom training using the complete, proprietary Third Door® framework and associated architecture, and the active design of an effective PRG© action plan (to be executed immediately after workshop completion). Most often broken up into six, once-per-week half-day morning sessions, the boot camp best serves leadership that has limited resources but still desires the knowledge and tools necessary to un-even their respective competitive playing fields.


Recommended for small business and mid-market firms who possess a common belief system that while the organization has been historically successful, they sense a critical “missing piece” that could put them over the top for good. While leadership will receive all available Third Door framework and tools, there is less time devoted to planning and execution than with a Comprehensive PRG© Engagement (see below).


This premier offering is specifically for the CEO or business owner who is humble, curious and yet highly resolute in their desire to change the world for the better. Recommended for most mid-market and larger companies ($15 million to $1 billion+ in annual revenue) who have invested heavily in other “solutions” without realizing significant PRG© improvement. This engagement often lasts an average of six to eight months, depending on meeting frequency and leadership proficiency for the material. The leadership team will participate in an exhaustive, soul-searching process geared toward uncovering the organization’s primary causes of waste and rework; its true purpose; achievement of company-wide alignment and clarity; and designing, developing and implementing a sustainable PRG© engine that will help forge a monopoly. Leadership will receive all of The Third Door’s concepts, framework, architecture and tools. This has been the obvious choice for each of our featured clients who have realized 40%-60% sustainable PRG© improvement. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.


If you are a CEO or business owner who desires to break free from sameness, create powerful customer demand and “go where competitors cannot follow,” let’s get started.

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