By now you’ve concluded that to significantly grow PRG©, new source code must be employed.

Sean Stormes has spent over 15 years and more than 54,000 hours pioneering – studying, analyzing and designing – such a methodology. His proven, proprietary framework and associated architecture is rooted primarily in two important areas:

  • The tools, concepts and philosophies of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the American Quality and Efficiency guru who shepherded Japan from economic irrelevance to global domination. Sean, who was fortunate to have learned from Deming in person before his passing in 1993, is the only person on the planet to have successfully applied Deming’s renowned approach to the revenue side of the P&L.
  • The secret, critical success factors of industry leaders who perform exceedingly well regardless of economic conditions, including (but not limited to) Apple, Whole Foods Market, Southwest Air, Zappos and Pixar.

By helping senior leadership achieve valuable cohesion and genuine “True North,” damaging waste and rework – most often 25% to 40% of annual top line revenue – is often substantially reduced, immediately impacting over-stressed company margins. Then, by tapping into the hidden, unspoken needs that customers cannot yet articulate, real competitive advantage can be realized.

Consider that when a car’s front end begins to shimmy, a wheel alignment is in order. Similarly, when an aching back needs adjusting, the chiropractor performs a similar procedure. However, when revenue tanks, many in top management don’t know what to do, primarily because they’re unaware of what’s REALLY causing the problem. (Hint: It’s not the sales organization)

Un-evening the competitive playing field does wonders for marketplace positioning, allowing a company to become known as “the only ones who do what they do.” That, of course, is what creates palpable customer demand, attraction and eye-popping results. It has almost nothing to do with salespeople.

Consistent and sustainable PRG© is the byproduct of understanding the living “sales” ecosystem, with multiple components working together in harmony to produce double and triple-digit increases. The secrets to learning – and aligning – these key components for maximum performance is how Sean helps deliver results that has prompted CEOs to say, “We’ve never seen results like this before.”

Welcome to PRG© nirvana. Sean is not only at the front of the curve – he’s the only one there.

Why -> Who ->  How

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