One team, one score: What the Golden State Warriors’ domination teaches us


(This is the post associated with the December 18, 2015 American Cities Business Journals column: How to Achieve Perfection, Golden State Warriors-style)


Organizational greatness – and to be clear here, I’m referring to performance / bottom line results – can often by found in symbolism.

And there may be nothing more symbolic regarding the Golden State Warriors’ historic 26-1 record to start the 2015-16 season than Eric Housen, the club’s “director of team services.”  If there was ever a misnomer, Housen’s title may take the cake.

From a recent USA Today article:  “(Housen) is the equipment manager, event planner, traveling secretary, concierge, catering director, luggage handler – one of those unheralded, behind-the-scenes employees who will never get credit for a victory but a person who is necessary and makes life easier on players and staff.”

Sure, I could have used this entire post to bore you with more “components of success,” or in the Warriors’ case, how dominance occurs.  Why would I do that, though, when all you need to know is how one team employee embraces the cause, realizing that the whole is is greater than the sum of individual parts?

Housen Warriors

Yes, it is often that simple.  Therefore, please spend some time today identifying the symbolic proof in your organization that irrefutably points to championship DNA.  If the examples don’t quickly jump to mind, well, you have your answer.

Winning a World Championship, then running the table for the first 23 games the following season, doesn’t happen by adhering to stale “best practices” or “getting back to basics.”  Rather, it often involves something as symbolically mundane as “handling the team’s luggage.”

Happy Holidays, T3D Nation.  Thank you for your constant reading and support, and I hope that 2016 delivers you a championship of your own.


Sean Stormes


Sean Stormes is Chief Value Designer of The Third Door®. His firm provides the most progressive concepts, methods, and PRG© (profitable revenue growth) framework and architecture available in the international marketplace to committed senior level business leaders who mean business.

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