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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

May 16 & 17, 2017

Sean speaks to Family Entertainment Center owners and executives ~ LaserTAG360, Indianapolis, Indiana

February 3 & 4, 2017

Sean will be speaking to business leaders at CrossFirst Bank Customer Growth Conference ~ Opening Keynote & Breakout Session ~ Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona

June 29, 2016

Sean will be helping business leaders to see what others miss at Central Exchange’s June event.

June 1, 2016

Sean will be speaking to some of Kansas City’s corporate and community leaders at KCADC Full Council Investor Briefing

July 23rd, 2015

Sean will be addressing some of Kansas City’s next great businesses at BetaBlox

Fall, 2015

2015 Fall Tour: State Universities of New York (individual schedules forthcoming)

May 19th, 2015

Sean Stormes proudly presents – Charge What You’re Worth: How to Become a Monopoly in Less Than Six Months. Register HERE (Register early and save 40% – use code “T3D60” at checkout)

March 5th, 2015

Sean leads the demand creation discussion at the Montage Business Forum, Leawood, KS

February 25th and 26th, 2015

Sean delivers the keynote address at F2FEC (Face to Face Entertainment Conference) in Phoenix, AZ

January 7, 2015

Sean delivers the morning keynote address at Mariner’s Wealth Advisors National Meeting.

November 11th, 2014

Sean Speaks at the Annual Helzberg HEMP Retreat

August 27th, 2014

Sean Speaks on the radio. Listen live on AM 1660 KMBZ Business. Click here or use the TuneIn Radio smartphone app

Image Credit: Sean speaking at the KCADC Full Council Investor Meeting


Want to Hire Sean for Your Event?

The spoken word should challenge, entertain and inspire, causing people to behave and perform differently – exceptionally better. If the result isn’t improved performance, how valuable is the investment?

Sean delivers more than a keynote speech. Blending resonant storytelling with palpable excitement, he asks his audiences to stretch their boundaries like never before. As conventional and prevailing wisdom wither, new thinking and ideas bloom. The result is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows for endless possibilities.

Because of Sean, thousands of people have been galvanized to explore new truths of how consistent, sustainable profitable revenue growth (PRG©) really occurs, and how to best align this sensitive ecosystem for their own benefit.

If you seek a memorable affair worth celebrating for years to come, please contact us today to join the growing list of companies who have joined the Revenution.


Keynote Address Topics for Sean Stormes

Pick which of Sean’s groundbreaking keynote topics will work best for your event.

Monopoly: The Proven Design of Marketplace Domination


C-level; Business Owners; Senior Executive Teams; Non-profits; Entrepreneurs; Solopreneurs; Investors

How to cure the deadly business
disease that’s reached epidemic proportions.

Why competition is for losers, and how to finally
escape its tight grip.

The top three causes of static or declining
revenue, and how new “source code” can
significantly reverse the trend.

Why the traditional, accepted selling model is
killing your company.

Why most marketing and branding tactics are
grossly under-optimized, & how to fortify them.

The “Core Four” elements that cause people to
buy – and pay a premium – in the 3rd millennium.

Salespeople’s new role, and how it can impact
game-changing innovation.

Identity Crisis: Solving Leadership’s Greatest Profitable Growth Dilemma


C-level; Business Owners; Senior Executive Teams; Non-profits; Entrepreneurs; Solopreneurs; Investors

Why conventional mission and vision statements
are worthless, and how to effectively design “True

Why your product or service is mostly irrelevant
to customers, and how to become far more
meaningful to them … and profitable.

How to design monopolistic advantage with
sustainable, organizational alignment and clarity.

Why hiring the “best and brightest” people is
hurting performance, and who to look for instead.

The core elements of what difference your company
is trying to make in people’s lives, and why
“purpose before profit” should become leadership’s
guiding belief (and operating) system.

The Attraction Model: Why Companies Should Reject Traditional Selling and Create Demand Instead


Sales Organizations

Why relationship selling is a poor ROI strategy.

Why uncovering customer “pain” is a low-yield
tactic, and what to identify instead.

Why selling solutions is a futile, damaging
behavior, and what companies should really be selling.

How to get customers to convince themselves of your
value proposition.

How to achieve leverage and “Sell From a Position
of Power” by designing unconventional offerings.

The American Dream, Alive and Well: How To Succeed Wildly in the Third Millennium


Sales Organizations; Non-profits; Entrepreneurs; Solopreneurs; Organizations; Associations; Job Fairs

The surprising, “Rise-Fall-Rise” story of Sean
Stormes, and how he did it.

How to harness a “boulder on the shoulder”
mentality to break from the pack and win big.

The “Luck Equation,” and how to leverage it.

That it’s not who you know that’s needed to get
ahead; it’s who knows you.

How to identify a “Springboard Opportunity” that
can help you jump the curve and hasten success.

To design a resonant platform, and how to
achieve high marketplace relevance.

The benefit of professional counseling, and how
understanding yourself on a deep level is
paramount to success.

The basics of the “Results Diagram”, a powerful
blueprint that examines how the world’s most
successful behave.

How to rely primarily on yourself and not depend
on others to help you fulfill your dreams.

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