R.I.P. Status Quo.

FACT: The only reason the sales organization exists is because demand does not.

That singular truth changes the PRG© (profitable revenue growth) conversation from old school “sales” and “business development” thinking to a more effective belief system centered around intentionally designing real competitive advantage, demand creation and, ultimately, customer attraction.

Sadly, many senior executives continue choosing conventional “solutions” to help them recover valuable PRG©, even though those offerings have been proven ineffective in the third millennium. As proof, why does Wall Street continue to clamor for organic growth versus mere profitability?

The primary culprit, “sameness” – the business disease that’s reached epidemic proportions – is the responsibility of top management. Consider these findings from two credible independent studies:

  • SmartAdvantage® queried 1,000 CEOs of small and midsize businesses, asking them to name their firms’ top three competitive advantages. Customers were then asked the same question. 997 CEOs got it wrong, yet they determine corporate direction and associated value propositions.
  • Bain and Company found that 80% of CEOs said their products were differentiated. Only 8% of consumers agreed.

“Best practices” and “back to basics” were forged during a different economic time and ethos, and are now obsolete in the “New Normal.” Today, the pace of change is dynamic, and business leaders entrenched in traditional convictions – resistant to new ideas – are forever trapped in days gone by, slave to low-ROI methods that include working harder and believing their sales force will pluck them from deepening quicksand.

This isn’t about ego. It’s about rebuilding a stronger American economy that relies more on ingenuity and grit and less on ruinous political whims and national agendas of others. A progressive, inventive, more self-reliant America.

Why -> Who -> How

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