“Sean is a recognized master on the subject of business transformation, just be prepared to attack it in ways you’ve never imagined”




 “I was referred to Sean by another CEO, and at our first meeting we decided to engage fully. Our company had experienced good quarters and not so good quarters; good years and not so good years. I told Sean that we wanted off this roller coaster – needing more consistent profitable growth performance. Sean’s work with me and the leadership team was enlightening, and I’ll just say – we’ve never seen results like this! Now, ‘We liberate people from mediocre experiences,’ and it drives all that we do. Sean is a master on the subject of profitable revenue growth (PRG), just be prepared to attack it in ways you’ve never imagined.

Tucker Trotter

CEO, Dimensional Innovations

 “When I heard Sean address our city’s Economic Development Council conference, I couldn’t believe my ears. His message – ‘stop selling so hard and create demand instead, with purpose as the higher calling’ – I knew I had found our company’s annual kickoff keynote speaker. It just aligned so completely with what we believe. Subsequently, Sean did an outstanding job at our investor conference, keeping people buzzing for the next few days. I recommend Sean for your most important events!”

Mike Maddox

CEO, CrossFirst Bank

 “Sean did a phenomenal job of connecting with our group of 330+ investors during his keynote presentation at our Q2 Full Council Investor Briefing. I highly recommend his program for small and large businesses alike!”

Tim Cowden

President and CEO, Kansas City Area Development Council

 “I had been successful in business development for years, but then I heard Sean speak about Purpose and how it’s the linchpin to Demand Creation. That sounded good to me! Before I knew it, Sean helped me ‘see what I’d been missing,’ and ArrivedOutdoors was born. Now, it’s not about selling – it’s about attracting. I couldn’t recommend Sean more highly, and have introduced him to my network of CEOs and business owners. Amazing!”

Scott Wesley

Principal, ArrivedOutdoors

“I’m always looking for progressive thinkers and speakers, and Sean’s keynote at our 2018 tradeshow in Las Vegas, The Amusement Expo, was as thought-provoking as it was exciting. While our industry has been around for over 100 years, Sean gave our members new ways to conceptualize what exactly our businesses do, and how they can realize ‘unprecedented value.’ I recommend Sean for your tradeshow keynote if you are looking for a speaker who will stimulate attendees to find new and exciting ways of thinking about business, and particularly significant profitable growth.”

Todd Louthain

Chairperson, Education Committee, American Amusement Machine Association (AMAA)

 “Smart, articulate and a treasure trove of new and progressive ideas are just a few of the ways I would describe Sean Stormes. Sean is a firm believer that what drives a business to consistent and sustainable profitable growth success is Demand Creation – beginning with all-important Purpose. Sean has the unique ability to not only see the trees, but also to back away to see the forest. ‘Seeing what others miss’ is a basic tenet to Sean’s magic. If you have the opportunity to work with Sean, please don’t pass it up. You will experience a mutually beneficial learning experience.”

Sam Meers

CEO, Meers Advertising

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The spoken word should challenge, entertain and inspire, causing people to behave and perform differently – exceptionally better. If the result isn’t improved performance, how valuable is the investment?


Because of Sean, thousands of people have been galvanized to explore new truths of how consistent, sustainable profitable revenue growth (PRG) really occurs, and how to best align this sensitive ecosystem for their own benefit.


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