Clean Slate

Why leadership should trash their current business model, reject popular sales advice, operate like a startup, and leverage the new rules for prosperity to achieve explosive profitable revenue growth (PRG)

Clean Slate

Answering the aforementioned question with a proven philosophy and framework, Sean highlights not only the new “source code” necessary for PRG in the third millennium, but also the litany of root causes of poor or regressive PRG. Topics include…

11 Causes of Declining Profitable Revenue Growth (PRG)

PRG is the lifeblood of business. When it is on life support, the enterprise is at risk. Operations, Finance, HR and all of the other departments become jobless if revenue evaporates.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of The Slippery Business Death Slope.

Surrogate: The Only Reason the Sales Organization Exists (and it’s not good)

Completing the sentence: The only reason the Sales organization exists … is because demand does not.

Truancy: The Missing Ingredient That Dooms Most PRG Efforts

Every CEO or business owner I have had the pleasure of working with who successfully executed The Third Door architecture – and realized jaw-dropping PRG – possessed high levels of humility and willfulness.

Wisdom: Choosing the Most Effective Game Plan

Once an organization has found its purpose – the cause or movement people rally around – and associated core behavior “pistons,” leadership must effectively execute or risk program-of-the-month syndrome, or worse, organizational apathy. Execute what, though? Choose the wrong path and both short and long-term performance suffers, up to and including extinction

Ethnographer, Rising: The Salesperson’s New Role

Sure, you could rely on your inner Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg – faux channeling existing visionaries who already possess Superman-like x-Ray vision, able to identify unprecedented value opportunities – but my guess is that if that person existed within you, then you would have already leveraged that DNA.

Building the PRG All-Star Team: Organizational Chart Redesign

Is your company structured properly to achieve the Attraction Model? As you have probably figured out, it is virtually impossible to achieve sustainable, revolutionary demand creation with a misaligned traditional organizational chart housing uninspired people with common (or worse) traits and abilities. To become a successful demand creator, senior leadership should stuff the company with transformational value architects who pine to join a meaningful movement.

About the Author

Sean Stormes leads The Third Door, a rapidly growing profitable revenue growth (PRG) strategy firm. A nationally recognized authority on helping progressive leadership design, develop and deliver purpose-driven business models that create marketplace demand, he founded his company after a distinguished 27-year executive career rooted in key growth areas including Executive Management and Strategy, Continuous Improvement, Sales, and Marketing.

After leading high-performing teams at the regional and national level, and driving $250 million in new business between 1995 and 2008, he designed T3D’s platform in response to traditional industry “best practices” that have become obsolete. Many of his firm’s clients have realized double digit PRG within six months of successful implementation, primarily because of his innate ability to help produce meaningful marketplace separation for businesses in highly competitive industries.

Sean is a published author, sought after keynote speaker and a nationally syndicated guest columnist to the American City Business Journals, reaching thousands of business leaders across 43 top U.S. markets each year. His new book – “Clean Slate: Why leadership should trash their current business model, reject popular sales advice, operate like a startup, and leverage the new rules for prosperity to achieve explosive profitable revenue growth” – is due October 2017.


“I’ve heard about Sean for years, and our first meeting was as lively as expected.  Sean knows sales AND operations deeply which in itself sets him apart from those who lead one silo with little empathy for their comrade in the other role.  Sean also demonstrates ability to bridge two other seemingly irreconcilable differences – purpose and profit.  I recommend highly any chance to learn with the ambidextrous Sean Stormes. Clean Slate is a clear place to begin.” –Dodie Jacobi

“Clean Slate” is a must read for any CEO, business owner or senior executive who desires a much better bottom line.  Stormes explains the challenges we face in pursuit of profit, and defines a clear path to positive revenue growth. There is a disease killing revenue and profit across America called “sameness.”  Simply investing in more salespeople or training is not the answer!  Long term success and growth is dependent on purpose, intentional design and process, and only then, people.  “Clean Slate” outlines a demand creation framework for business leaders using intentional design to deliver unprecedented value.  “Clean Slate” is a clear set of instructions that you can apply to your business starting today that will lead you to achieve and sustain unparalleled success through organizational fitness. -Dave Templeman, Director of Recruiting, RiverPoint: