Welcome to the World of Demand Creation, Your Invitation to Greatness

1. Preparation.

Demand creation is as much a study as it is a personal or corporate mandate.  

Therefore, to make the most of your experience, I recommend thinking of the following flow on this page as a type of “value ladder,” where climbing each rung results in greater comprehension and effectiveness, culminating in the full transformation to bona fide Demand Creator. 

Embracing the 8-Step Demand Creation / PRG Framework provides important context to the entire Attraction Model concept, so starting there is critical to your success.  Then, securing your copy of Clean Slate will arm you with an ongoing Demand Creation guide from which to refer to whenever needed, not to mention acquiring the profitable growth MBA you’ve always hoped for but hasn’t been available until now. 

Additionally, accessing the plethora of popular American City Business Journal columns that I wrote between 2009 and 2016, and the ongoing cache of personal blog posts, will help to round out Step One of your Demand Creation journey.


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2. Design.

Now that you’re knowledgeable of what Demand Creation is, and what it can do for you – and the risks involved in not taking this path – it’s time to intentionally and purposefully design your specific plan.

This workshop, within The Demand Creation Institute, is an intensive two-day, executive level, interactive class where senior leaders – led by me – work through the proprietary demand creation architecture, crafting a customized strategy. Please click the Workshop tab for more information.

3. Execute

Once the previous two steps have been achieved, and your organization is ready to embark on a full implementation of Demand Creation and PRG principles, please contact Sean to discuss what a customized Demand Creation project looks like for you and your organization.

Having shepherded dozens of organizations through this often tedious and complex transformation, Sean’s expertise and reputation for creating Demand Creators is unsurpassed.