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Sean Stormes was born and raised in Central New York, the product of meager beginnings.  An entrepreneuer from early age, Sean mowed lawns, painted houses and created a successful sports memorabilia business to sustain himself.  His work ethic came from his grandfather, who often worked three jobs.

Sean has always been attracted to change agents – renegades who disrupted entire industries.  His childhood heroes included basketball supertar Pistol Pete Maravich – the only white player ever to be offered a contract by the Harlem Globetrotters – and Edward Van Halen, the amazing guitar god-savant of the seminal rock band that goes by the same name.  These experiences caused Sean to see the world through a different, more curious lens.

After a successful 25-year senior executive career with two Fortune 500 firms and a few mid-market companies, Sean launched The Third Door in late 2008.  His consultancy helps large and midsize organizations break free from sameness, the business disease that’s reached epidemic proportions, so they can grow profitably.  Sean’s experience, ranging from his personal exposure to world-renowned quality and productivity W. Edwards Deming, to gaining meaningful exposure with purpose-driven companies, forged a belief system and associated architecture that has allowed his clients to experience bottom line results they had never thought possible.

An author of three books, including the upcoming Clean Slate, Sean is also a sought after keynote speaker and nationally syndicated columnist with the American City Business Journals.

AV Preferences
  • Lavaliere/Wireless Microphone
    Sean will be using an Apple Keynote and would prefer to use her own Mac laptop.
  • Mac dongle to connect Sean’s laptop to the projector
  • PowerPoint Clicker
  • Screen & LCD Projector
  • Keynote will play video – will need adequate audio
  • Prefers not to have a podium



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