The CEO’s Frustration … and Salvation

Down deep, you know that you and your organization are better than recent results.

You also know that without sustainable, profitable revenue growth (PRG) – the lifeblood of any business – exposure, vulnerability, irrelevance and finally an obituary is a real likelihood. And if employee engagement, think “organizational fitness” as the larger goal, is not realized, then any hope for competitive advantage is just a mirage.

With that in mind, how prevalent is sameness, the business disease that’s reached epidemic proportions? Consider the following statistics:

1,000 CEOs of small and midsize businesses were asked to name their top three competitive advantages.

Their respective customers were then asked the same question.

CEOs got it wrong

~ SmartAdvantage Survey
80% of CEOs said that their products were differentiated.


of consumers agreed

~ Bain and Company study

And if you think your sales organization is the answer, ask yourself if the following math makes any sense:



of salespeople do not achieve 90% of their annual quota.

That’s only 14%, or 1.4 out of 10.
Miller Heiman study

Billion spent annually on sales training in the United States.

Sales and Marketing magazine

Still, no one expects you to know the root causes of sameness, poor PRG and organizational dysfunction, or the secret formula to demand creation. I know that I didn’t. Business schools, and the business community at large do not teach attraction – how monopolies born from unprecedented value are designed, developed and delivered.

However, if the status quo persists, EBIDTA can become (or remain) anemic, damaging the ability to fund capital improvements, and all-important company valuations suffer. People will exist in a world of confusion – a type of organizational A.D.D. – only to erode happiness and profits simultaneously.

When the “horse” (organizational fitness and demand creation principles) precedes the “cart,” as it should, then Sales, Marketing and Innovation efforts all breathe new life and achieve effectiveness. Elite employees want to work for healthy, growing, progressive and exciting companies.

The Attraction Model is very real, employed by iconic companies including Southwest Air, Atlassian, Tesla, Pixar, Chick-fil-A, Facebook, Costco, Patagonia, Apple, Wegman’s, Cirque de Soleil, Airbnb, and Whole Foods Market. Each “saw what others missed,” a key tenet to demand creation.

Additionally, Sean Stormes has helped many small and mid-market companies break free from sameness and transform into highly successful Demand Creators, some experiencing triple digit increases in both top line revenue and profitability within 12-24 months.

The proprietary and unique architecture is just waiting for you to take advantage of it, allowing you to attract as much profitable business as you’ve only dreamed about. Isn’t it time to discover your organization’s “higher calling,” i.e. who you are, and who you are not?

Why not begin immediately, to forge the type of organizational performance you richly deserve?