The Demand Creation Institute

This executive-level, interactive workshop addresses the three primary causes of inferior corporate performance:

1. Excessive organizational variation.

Waste and rework, which robs 25% to 40% of annual top line revenue, is often driven by “hidden” costs difficult to identify on the P&L.

2. Identity Crisis.

Not knowing who you are, and who you are not, often drives Flavor of the Month strategies and really (really) bad, costly decisions.

3. Sameness.

Learn why self-proclaimed strengths, differentiation, and competitive advantages are most often fraudulent, forcing companies to over-invest in sales and marketing.

And solves for each via:

1.  A comprehensive W. Edwards Deming-based deep dive into “variation.”

While this may appear confusing, just know that senior leaders must understand how variation is terrorizing their respective companies.

2. Put a stake in the ground.

Companies that stand for something bold and meaningful win big in the third millennium. Engineering real purpose, an organization’s “higher calling” that serves as the genesis of the overarching business plan, provides valuable true north and drives profitable revenue growth faster and more sustainably than just about anything.

3. The design of UNprecedented value.

Ethnography, the study of how people live, allows astute company “scouts” to “see what others miss.” Nobody asked for the automobile, airplane, radio, television or internet … or $5.00 coffee or a $100,000 electric car. The intelligent design of UNprecedented value is what liberates companies from sameness, driving extreme customer demand.
Workshops are not yet open for registration, however, feel free to ask questions below.